Passionate about the miracle of wood, Derek Ellard has always found a way to work with his chosen medium. From landscape garden design to boat design, the creative use of timber has characterised his design projects, artworks and furniture.

After finishing art school in the sixties, Derek went on to work in advertising for a while but soon his own timber based design and build projects demanded more of his time and focus, with his custom furniture, interior, house and garden design enjoying great success. Perhaps Derek is best known for his range of innovative boats which have graced the pages of Classic Boat and many other prestigious glossy magazines – his ingeniously designed kits have allowed others to enjoy their own woodworking skills and achieve shapely, seaworthy boats – over 300 sold in 10 different countries!

A lifelong conservationist, Derek and his partner Annette have planted thousands of trees to replace the many converted into boats and furniture.

With so much beautiful timber available in the boatyard, Derek has taken the opportunity to build some very interesting and functional furniture as well as some elegant sculptural pieces. Derek will also custom design and build – he’s never far from pencil, paper, and a fresh new idea!

See the range of boats at the Scruffie Marine Website

Timber & Coatings

Virtually all the timber we use was felled here on Tamborine Mountain. Some, such as the English Oak, was heading for the firewood pile but intercepted and saved for a longer more useful life. In all cases we use virtually every scrap of well-seasoned wood, so minor blemishes do not necessarily consign the piece to fire.

All the wood shavings and sawdust are bagged and picked up by local residents for mulch, compost or animal bedding. We have planted hundreds of trees at our workshop and on our property – it’s an ancient tradition among carpenters and boatbuilders and it’s good old fashioned common sense.

The English Oak was grown in the open, rather than the forest, and as a result is wonderfully gnarled and twisted. European timbers planted here are susceptible to various benign fungi which result in the highly decorative greys, greens, yellows and dark browns.

All the work is constructed using boatbuilding epoxy and where necessary, stainless steel fixings. Finishes include wax polish, satin varnish, 2-pack clear polyurethane. Outdoor furniture is saturated with preservative and coated with marine grade polyurethane.